A userscript that lets you draw directly onto images on any Stack Exchange site to add freehand circles (or anything else you might like to add)!

This project is maintained by shu8

Welcome to the Stack Exchange Freehand Circles Drawing tool.

This userscript makes it extremely easy to draw circles (or anything else) onto images directly on the Stack Exchange sites! It's very easy to use and saves any changes for you itself.

How to use

  1. Go to any post on any site
  2. Click the new Edit button that has been added
  3. Draw as much as you want
  4. Click save - the new image will be created and saved automatically


  1. You need an access token. Get one here
  2. Install Greasemonkey (Firefox) or Tampermonkey (Chrome). These are userscript managers and allow the script to make use of GM_* functions, which it relies on to save your access token
  3. Install the script: Install or View Source


  1. Images are save on and NOT (Stack Exchange's own account for inline images). This shouldn't be a problem because it says here that images are kept forever...
  2. The script works thanks to Fabric.JS and jQuery
  3. This script has only been tested on Google Chrome Windows 7 64 bit - I haven't tested on other browsers/OSes, but it should work!

Bugs/Feature Requests

Please post bugs and feature requests at the repo OR at StackApps :) I'll try my best to fix/add anything!